Case Study


Pura is unlocking the future of scent with advanced smart home technology. They use Artifact to expand their team's visibility into opportunities, and decrease the time it takes to mobilize around what matters most.

The Challenge

The Pura team was experiencing unprecedented growth in 2021. With this hyper growth in customers and revenue came the need to grow the company and change processes to keep up with customer demand. Mike Baird, a seasoned product and customer experience practitioner joined the Pura team in 2020, and combined every department related to customer experience to help enable a unified experience strategy. They were keen to find a way to keep up with the screaming demand they were experiencing from customers, and to keep their customer facing teams aligned to the opportunities and problems that were surfacing in customer interactions. The Pura team had tens of thousands of customer interactions that spanned e-commerce product reviews, mobile app reviews across two different platforms, and multi-channel support interactions. They wanted to not only empirically measure the themes surfacing across these interactions— but to be able to tie them back to business initiatives and metrics.

The Solution

Pura selected Artifact as its CX Forecasting solution, to address its needs to unify and understand customer needs across their fast growing customer base. They opted to bring in 1 year of historical data, and to enable their teams with insights from our Inspect, Stream, Answers, and Explore features. They integrated their mobile app store reviews, Yotpo reviews, Gladly helpdesk tickets, SurveyMonkey surveys, and all critical metadata from Shopify. Working closely with the Artifact team, Pura implemented Artifact in under 6 weeks.

The Benefits

Pura now has easy access to a unified knowledge base of customer experience data. The Pura team was able to gain visibility into critical customer problems 6-7X faster than they were able to previously, and expressed a much higher degree of clarity and understanding of what was happening— and how many customers were experiencing the issue. With this increased velocity and clarity, the team was able to mobilize around critical problems faster than ever. Alex Hackney, a group product manager over mobile applications explained that he and his engineering team noticed a topic anomaly in Artifact related to the number of connectivity issues new customers were experiencing with their connected scent diffusers. Within the day, he was able to raise the issue with related product teams, and confirm in their observability platform that they were indeed seeing the connectivity issue. As they were troubleshooting the technical challenges, they watched Artifact closely over the next several weeks to measure that the volume and frequency of customers complaining about the issue decreased. Brandi Orr, a product manager over customer lifecycle and subscriptions, explained that the Pura team was working to be in better compliance with updated standards that the state of California had legislated regarding the ability for customers to cancel and change subscriptions. This compliance required some user experience changes to how the cancellation flow would work for Pura customers. As they worked through these changes, Brandi was able to observe a topical anomaly of 380% in the number of customers turning to customer support for help canceling their subscription. Brandi and team were able to use Artifact to diagnose and directly measure how the flow could be improved and more transparent.

Our Results

Faster Visibility
Faster Prioritization
Build proactive awareness

Once Artifact was implemented, awareness of new issues seemed almost immediate and sometimes even early. We felt like we could rely on Artifact to notify us so we don't have to spend time worrying and if we wanted a bit of foresight, it was helpful to be able to review emerging themes.

Alex Hackney
Group Product Manager

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