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Join us from anywhere on our journey to reinvent how businesses understand their customers.


Where is Artifact headed?

Our mission is to build the world’s most trusted and powerful knowledge graph for understanding what your next decision should be.

We believe every contributor of every team in a business should be able to understand the customer in just a few clicks or keystrokes.


Our leadership team

Our company is led by hungry experienced operators with dozens of years of combined experience.

Nate Sanders

Cofounder &  CEO
Nate has a decade of experience in designing and delivering world-class B2B software applications. Nate is passionate about leveraging human centered design to make artificial intelligence products that are useful and accessible to everyone. He started his career in product design, before moving into product management. Nate has built product and led product teams across multiple verticals at companies like Degreed, BambooHR, Canopy, and Pluralsight.

Trey Davis

Cofounder &  COO
Trey leads business and finance operations for Artifact, and also oversees GTM initiatives. Trey started his career in software sales, and later transitioned into managing Customer Success teams at companies like BambooHR, Motorola Safety, and Lucid software.

Caleb Bartholomew

Cofounder &  Director, Software Engineering
Caleb directs all full stack software engineering at Artifact. He began his career at Xi3 where he built a Steam gaming integration with software that spanned the GUI to the kernel. He then was a senior software engineer at a broadband ISP, where he helped scale a fast growing network. Caleb's experiences give Artifact the ability to build polyglot applications that can scale to handle massive unstructured datasets.

Prem Viswanathan

Director, Applied Data Science & ML
Prem leads all applied data science and machine learning to help us create state-of-the-art data products at Artifact. Prem has a Masters Degree in Information System Management from Carnegie Mellon University, where he now serves as an adjunct for data mining. Prem has a deep expertise in natural language processing and knowledge base construction. Prior to joining Artifact, he worked at AWS where he worked on machine learning models that power Neptune. Before AWS, Prem worked at IBM Watson Health, where he built models for patient risk, acute event prediction, and population health prediction.


Nate Walkingshaw

CEO CleanEighty, 3X Founder, Seasoned Executive
Nate is one of the most experienced and respected product and technology leaders in the industry. He currently serves on the Technology Advisory Board at Iconiq capital, and recently founded CleanEighty— one of the most exciting renewable energy companies in the world. At the beginning of his career he founded Paramed, which he sold to Stryker. He then founded Cycleface, which he sold to Strava. He founded Tanner Labs, an innovation lab inside of a 100 year old $500M employee recognition company. And most recently served as the CXO of Pluralsight for 6 years— taking the company public and creating a product that enabled enterprise growth.

Our investors


We think behavior matters more than words


Artifact Memes

These are the core behaviors we strive to imitate on our team.

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Be proactively accountable and introspective

Don’t wait for subordination or corporate forced compliance. Proactively take responsibility, learn, and move forward.

Be a systems thinker instead of a process hound

Anyone can create and document a new process, but few are capable of understanding how they influence other teams and processes.

Identify key risks and assumptions

Identify your known knowns, and your known unknowns, so you’ll be prepared your unknown unknowns.

Make small, frequent, and constantly kept agreements

We focus on decomposing big decisions into tiny agreements that we’re capable of keeping and getting our arms around.

Focus on the cross functional team instead of your job description

We believe the inputs and outputs of multidisciplinary teams create outstanding business and customer outcomes.

Constantly teach yourself how to decide

Building a latticework of mental models prepares you to make complex decisions. Discover new mental models and train yourself how to use them.

Focus on making good decisions over the long term

You have worth outside of the results of one particular decision. We believe the incremental learnings that come from failures lead to successful outcomes.

Transparently document your communications

We ensure the entire team is able to understand what decisions were, why they were made, and their corresponding outcome.


Our Benefits

We strive to be thoughtful, competitive, and differentiated in the benefits that we offer our employees. Our benefits package is designed to care for the whole employee— in and outside of work.

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Competitive salaries
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We know that you most likely are working in technology because you're passionate about the possibilities, but we do everything we can to pay you fairly and competitively.

100% insurance coverage
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Artifact covers 100% of the cost of your medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums.

401K retirement savings
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We want you to be physically, emotionally, and financially secure. An important step towards that is putting a little bit of cash away for retirement.

Unlimited PTO
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We trust you to negotiate and plan your time off with your team. Take the time off that you need, so you can be a healthy and happy person.

Matched vacation savings account
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Artifact uses a fancy little vacation savings account service called Donde. Artifact will match travel contributions to Donde 100% up to $100/mo.

Flexible work environment
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We’re a distributed company. We know schedules and environments are different for everyone. We don’t hold office hours, we just trust you’ll make appropriate agreements with your team.

Corporate expense card
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Every employee gets a corporate expense card to use, because you’re an adult. (Unless you’re a child prodigy, and then we’ll talk about it.)

Brand new equipment
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We’ll pay for your work equipment and machines.

Library card
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Expense your Audible Premium membership or spend up to $15 each month on books.

Office snacks
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Expense up to $25 each month on snacks for your home office.

Monthly activity
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Expense up to $100 each month on activities (dinner, movie, skiing, boating, golfing, etc.)

Cell-phone reimbursement
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Expense up to $100 each month on your phone bill.

Employee stock ownership plan
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Startups are difficult and they need talent to be around long enough to execute against organizational priorities and strategic initiatives. They're also a lot of work— so we feel you should be asymmetrically incentivized for your hard work. We make our employees owners, so they can harvest the benefits of a growing business.