With Artifact you’ll decrease support costs by driving urgency around critical issues


A lack of centralized synthesis scatters priorities.

The classic problem in a digital enterprise is that product teams and support teams are often not aligned around what problems and issues are most critical for their customers. This can cause support teams to work on time consuming workarounds, or product teams to ignore customer problems that are the most time-consuming for support.

Support teams spend a great deal of time tagging and synthesize the themes and patterns in customer feedback, before passing the information on to product teams. These tags are often maintained by the support team, who may not always have the same vernacular as the product team. This means that tags are often not the most actionable insights for product teams.

This misalignment between teams can create a gap between what customers want and what they actually get.

An image depicting how support teams and product teams commonly work off of disparate data sets which leads them to have differing priorities.

Artifact accurately spots repeatable issues

Rather than each team drawing their own conclusions from their own synthesis and analysis, Artifact provides a single, centralized place for all teams to collaborate around what's most important. When each team begins the conversation around the same shared understanding of the customer voice, it's easier to prioritize the right tasks, and to avoid unnecessary workarounds.

Artifact helps these teams to spot critical issues and important patterns in the data. Using advanced machine learning techniques, Artifact reviews each customer support interaction that occurs within the app and pulls out any relevant insight and data. Patterns, trends, and anomalies are surfaced to the team in the form of organized reports and digests, creating a single, collaborative resource for every customer facing team.

An image depicting how Artifact can help teams identify critical trends and events in their customer support data.

Everyone should be aligned and act on shared insights

When a customer problem or feedback theme is spotted, it's immediately accessible to all teams. Teams can work on the same problem simultaneously, and work together to prioritize the best solutions for customers.

Product teams are no longer left making their own conclusions from inconsistently tagged feedback, and support teams are no longer left with workarounds to solve customer problems. Instead, Artifact helps teams to work together, in real-time, to prioritize the most important tasks.


Respond proactively instead of reactively to important issues

With every team working off the same synthesized data, there will be far less debate about what needs to be escalated. Critical issues will be quickly identified and fixed with the entire organization speaking with one voice, instead of contending against anecdote.

An image depicting how Artifact enables product teams and customer support teams to share the same priorities, because they share the same data.

Artifact is the most sophisticated platform for understanding your qualitative data

Artifact is powered by very advanced artificial intelligence, however every feature is simple, intuitive, and human-friendly.

↳ Automatic topic detection

Artifact automatically detects, clusters, and labels interactions around similar topics. No human training or implementation is necessary. Our cutting-edge AI does all the hard work.

↳ Smart summarization

Our AI systems automatically generate representative summaries of every customer conversation.

↳ Natural language filtering

Narrow down what you’re looking for when you’re asking a question by using natural language instead of heavy filter facets and tools. We’ll interpret your intent and give you accurate results.

↳ User data mapping

Our software automatically attaches and assigns every customer conversation to the correct user and account across multiple data sources.

↳ 40+ native data connectors

Artifact has native connections into dozens of qualitative and quantitative data sources.

↳ Trend & anomaly detection

Artifact will automatically spot critical changes like trends and anomalies.

↳ Customer segmentation

Filter by dozens of different metadata fields from your data sources to create your own customer segment based on your project needs.

↳ Contextual topic categories

Artifact thematically classifies topics within categories like issues, feature requests, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different or special about your technology?
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Artifact utilizes an ensemble of unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques. This means there is no special training needed, no heavy implementation process for each new data set, and no human intervention necessary. While other machine learning software might help identify topics, they require human intervention to understand them. Artifact not only identifies insights but analyzes and interprets them as well.

What data sources does Artifact integrate with?
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Artifact has dozens of different qualitative connectors for you to leverage. You can see our connector catalog.

Is there any manual tagging or theming I need to do?
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No, there's no manual tagging, coding, or theme generation that you'll need to do inside of Artifact. Our technology does the heavy lifting of understanding and thematically clustering similar customer interactions.

How can I trust that Artifact's insights are accurate?
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Artifact has a talented team of experienced software and machine learning experts. We've been hard at work for quite a while to create a product that generates insights you'll not only be able to quickly act on, but feel confident doing so.

Additionally, the supporting evidence of every insight is readily available for explainability and quick understanding.

How can I trust that Artifact will work with our data?
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Artifact leverages advanced unsupervised machine learning techniques that allow us to create insights for any customer in a variety different segments and industries.

How often will I receive insights?
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Daily. Insights will be available by 9 a.m. local time.

How is this different than behavioral analytics tools?
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Behavioral analytics products like Pendo and Amplitude track and and measure what your customers do inside your product. Artifact helps you understand what your customers are saying and how you can better cater to their needs.

How long does it take to implement Artifact?
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Integration of customer data can take up to one day. Once integrated, you will start receiving insights from Artifact immediately, with some features taking 1-2 weeks to fully implement.

Transform the way you think about qualitative data

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