Aha is a product management software that helps teams to create and visualize product roadmaps.



is great

Aha is a cloud-based product roadmap software that allows you to create visual roadmaps and prioritize features and ideas. With Aha, you can track and manage ideas from inception to launch, collaborate with your team, and communicate your strategy to stakeholders. Aha's customizable templates, strategic planning tools, and integrations with other popular tools make it a powerful platform for product management.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Uncover customer needs that are not captured in Aha by centralizing and analyzing 100% of customer interactions through Artifact. This can help identify emerging trends and features that customers are requesting but may not be captured in the product backlog.

  • Get a deeper understanding of customer feedback by analyzing conversations beyond traditional survey methods. Artifact's ability to centralize every conversational touchpoint with customers and analyze interactions beyond surveys can help teams get a more complete view of customer feedback.

  • Get AI-generated CX insights that can help prioritize features and roadmap items. Artifact's AI-powered topic detection and modeling can provide additional context and insights that can help teams make data-driven decisions about what features and products to prioritize.

  • Align customer feedback and requests with business initiatives by linking every interaction to a specific customer and analyzing insights by metrics that align with business outcomes. This can help ensure that teams are focusing on the features and products that will have the most impact on customers and align with overall business goals.

  • Identify emerging issues in real-time by leveraging Artifact's AI to spot critical events in your data. This can help teams identify issues or opportunities as they arise, allowing them to respond quickly and proactively.

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