Artifact is the customer
knowledge graph

Artifact warehouses qualitative data at every critical stage of the customer journey, and then uses machine intelligence to build analyst-grade reports so you can find meaningful patterns and uncover customer needs.

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This is your data.
Your data has shape.
That shape is filled
with meaning and context.
It tells you what
matters most
to customers.
Artifact detects patterns
in your customer voice.
So you can act
on what your customers
want and need.

Use Artifact to identify customer needs faster than ever.


Artifact automatically classifies customer interactions into mission critical collections called Playbooks. It then detects  and alerts you with insights into trends, anomalies, and key patterns in your customer voice.

Understand your customer needs with precision, and devise the best possible strategy.

Spend more time on

Artifact will automatically capture and analyze every customer conversation so you can spend time on how to solve the problem instead of digging for them.

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An image that shows a bunch of different qualitative data sources going into Artifact
An image that shows data steadily increasing.

Prioritize for value instead of opinion.

Artifact will give you an evidence-based system of record so you can understand what your customers are asking for, the issues they're having, and what they love about your product. The customer will be the most important variable for every stakeholder.

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Optimize critical moments in the customer journey.

Artifact will help you identify what your customers have to say throughout the customer lifetime. You'll be able to see what they say when they're onboarding, what they praise you for, and what they say right before they cancel.

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An image that represents the customer journey, and a portion of it pinpointed.

Artifact can help you understand your customer voice faster and more accurately than ever before.

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