Artifact is customer experience forecasting — an evidence-based way to anticipate your customers’ needs, proactively shape the CX journey, and turn every consumer into a loyal fan.

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A single platform to turn complex data into clear action.

Build a proactive — not reactive — CX. Artifact unifies qualitative data from every channel — email, social media, sales calls, and more — and translates it into insight that’s easy to understand. You’ll know exactly what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it.

Know what’s happening

Stream reads every customer interaction and synthesizes what matters, so you can get to the point quickly and confidently.

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See what’s coming

Inspect continuously monitors your data for changes, delivering clear insights that prevent problems.

Explore what’s possible

Explore helps you examine your data through nearly any lens or segment. You truly understand what customers are saying. You see the big picture. You know how to shape the CX journey.

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Evidence-based solutions for customer-obsessed companies.

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Act decisively. Shape the customer experience. Build loyalty. Artifact centralizes information into a single source of truth. You’ll deepen your understanding of the customer experience and focus your resources on creativity, innovation, and strategic decision-making — not data collection.

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Understand the most disruptive customer pain points so you can ship the right products and features at the right time. Artifact’s groundbreaking CX forecasting enables you to make real-time adjustment and truth-based decisions, plus ongoing coaching to fine-tune how Artifact works best for you.

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Artifact settled the debate

Artifact settled the debate around why we were having certain issues that were hitting support. There was too much volume for us to sift through to definitively conclude so implementing Artifact helped our team obtain higher confidence in less time. Before Artifact, our sensitivity to issues spiking in support was dull. In some scenarios, we would go days and even full weeks before we would pick up on a signal that something was widely affecting our users.

Alex Hackney
Group Product Manager
Pura mobilized around customer issues 6X faster

Pura is unlocking the future of scent with advanced smart home technology. They use Artifact to expand their team's visibility into opportunities, and decrease the time it takes to mobilize around what matters most.


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