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Unite every source of qualitative data.
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Map discoveries to individual users and accounts.
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Boost clarity and integrity by removing noise and sensitive data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s different or special about your technology?

Artifact utilizes an ensemble of unsupervised and supervised machine learning techniques— alongside the industry leading language model technology, GPT3. This means there is no special training needed for your data, no heavy implementation process for each new data set, and no human intervention necessary. While other natural language understanding products might help identify topics, they require human intervention to understand them. Artifact not only identifies insights but analyzes and interprets them as well.

What data sources does Artifact integrate with?

Artifact has dozens of different qualitative connectors for you to leverage across every major touchpoint in the customer lifecycle.

Is there any manual tagging or theming I need to do?

No, there's no manual tagging, coding, or theme generation that you'll need to do inside of Artifact. Our technology does the heavy lifting of understanding and thematically clustering similar customer interactions.

How can I trust that Artifact's insights are accurate?

Artifact has a talented team of experienced software and machine learning experts. We've been hard at work for quite a while to create a product that generates insights you'll not only be able to quickly act on, but feel confident doing so. Additionally, the supporting evidence of every insight is readily available for explainability and quick verification.

How long does it take to implement Artifact?

Integration of customer data can take up to one day. Once integrated, you will start receiving insights from Artifact immediately with some features taking 1-2 weeks to fully implement.

Where qualitative data finds its voice

We pair sophisticated technology with simple features for an experience that’s intuitive, insightful, and human.
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Automatic topic detection

Artifact detects, clusters, and labels interactions around similar topics.

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Smart summarization

Artifact detects, clusters, and labels interactions around similar topics.

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Natural language filtering

Searching for something? 
Ask your questions in plain language. No heavy filter facets and tools needed. We got you, we get you, and we’ll get you accurate answers.

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User data mapping

Every customer conversation attached to the right user or account, across multiple data sources.

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40+ native data connectors

Dozens of sources, qualitative and quantitative, united.

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Transform your qualitative data.
Faster, fuller, and factually: Artifact helps you care for your customers even deeper than before.
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