Gladly is a customer service platform that centralizes customer communication from various channels and provides agents with a unified view of the customer's history and context.



is great

Most customer service software systems today are built around tickets, not people. Gladly changes that by providing a true customer-centric platform. With Gladly, you can see a complete customer profile that includes every interaction the customer has had with your company. This means that agents no longer have to navigate across multiple channels and systems to understand a customer's history, allowing them to provide a better experience that's truly personalized.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Identify themes in customer interactions with Artifact’s AI, and then use Gladly to respond to customers in a personalized way.

  • Use Artifact’s conversational analytics to automatically detect topics and patterns in customer conversations, and then use that data to enhance Gladly's routing and tagging capabilities.

  • By analyzing every interaction, not just surveys, with Artifact, Gladly can provide a more complete picture of a customer's experience with your brand, allowing you to offer more targeted and personalized support.

  • Use Artifact to navigate and zoom into specific actionable phrases and themes within customer conversations, and learn how to respond to customers in a way that resonates with them.

  • Analyze customer interactions with specific metrics and fields that align with your initiatives with Artifact, and then use Gladly to provide targeted and proactive support that helps drive business outcomes.

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