Posthog is an open-source product analytics platform that provides businesses with tools to capture and analyze user behavior data on websites and mobile apps.



is great

Posthog is an open-source product analytics platform that enables teams to gain deep insights into user behavior with features such as event tracking, cohort analysis, and session recordings. With Posthog, product teams can build better products that their users will love.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Real-time insights: While Posthog already offers real-time event tracking and cohort analysis, Artifact can enhance Posthog's real-time capabilities by using AI to spot critical events in data soon after they occur. With this, teams can gain an even deeper understanding of their users and make data-driven decisions instantly.

  • Analyze customer conversations: Posthog already allows teams to track user behavior, but by centralizing every conversational touchpoint with customers, teams can analyze 100% of their customer interactions and gain a better understanding of the voice of the customer. This can be done using Artifact's AI-generated insight to automatically detect actionable topics without any human input.

  • Navigate your data: Zoom into specific phrases and zoom out to broad themes to understand what's happening with users. By using Artifact's feature to measure the frequency and prevalence of a topic, teams can get a better sense of which issues are most pressing for their users.

  • Link every interaction to a specific customer: With Artifact's ability to link every interaction to a specific customer, teams can understand the user journey better and align their initiatives with the voice of the customer. This way, teams can prioritize their efforts and focus on the metrics that matter most for their business.

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