Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse that provides businesses with a flexible and scalable platform for storing, managing, and analyzing large amounts of data.



is great

Snowflake is a cloud-based data platform that allows organizations to store and analyze massive amounts of data in real-time. It offers a unique architecture that separates compute and storage, allowing users to scale and pay only for what they use. Additionally, Snowflake provides the ability to share data and collaborate with others in a secure and governed way.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Quickly synthesize vast amounts of data: Artifact’s AI-powered platform can process and analyze massive amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This means that Snowflake users can gain insights into their data faster and more easily than ever before.

  • Understand what your customers are saying: By using Artifact to analyze customer interactions and feedback, Snowflake users can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and their needs. This insight can be used to inform product development, customer service strategies, and more.

  • Get actionable insights without manual effort: Artifact’s AI-powered platform automatically detects and tags topics and trends in data without the need for manual tagging. This means that Snowflake users can quickly get the insights they need without the time and expense of manual data tagging.

  • Navigate your data with ease: Snowflake’s architecture allows users to store and manage large amounts of data, but it can be challenging to navigate. By using Artifact alongside Snowflake, users can easily zoom in and out of data to understand specific phrases and broader trends.

  • Align data with business goals: Snowflake allows users to manage and store data in a scalable and secure way, but it can be challenging to connect that data with business goals. By using Artifact, users can link data with specific customer journeys, metrics, and fields, helping them make data-driven decisions that align with their business objectives.

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