Pendo is a product analytics and user feedback platform that helps businesses improve their product experiences through data-driven insights and feedback from users.



is great

Pendo is a product cloud that helps product teams understand product usage, collect feedback, measure sentiment, and guide users to value. Pendo's platform provides product teams with real-time insights and analytics to help them make data-driven decisions and deliver better user experiences.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Analyze unstructured user feedback in real-time to identify issues or opportunities for improvement that Pendo's product analytics may not reveal. With Artifact's natural language processing capabilities, teams can easily pinpoint and address specific concerns or pain points in the user experience.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the user experience by analyzing every interaction that customers have with the product, beyond just usage data. By centralizing every conversational touchpoint with Artifact, product teams can analyze 100% of customer interactions and feedback, providing a more comprehensive view of the user journey.

  • Use AI-generated insights to analyze user feedback without requiring manual tagging or coding. Artifact's AI automatically detects actionable topics in customer feedback, helping teams focus on the most relevant insights and prioritize what needs to be addressed.

  • Navigate product feedback data to understand what is important and why, using zooming capabilities that allow teams to focus on specific phrases or broad themes. This can help teams get a better understanding of the context surrounding a particular issue or opportunity, and ultimately make more informed decisions.

  • Align product initiatives with the voice of the customer by linking every interaction to a specific user or account. By using Artifact alongside Pendo, teams can gain a more detailed understanding of the user journey and make decisions that are aligned with user needs and business goals.

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