Delighted is a customer feedback and survey platform that helps businesses collect, analyze, and act on feedback from their customers.



is great

Delighted is a customer feedback platform that simplifies the process of collecting and analyzing customer feedback. It offers a user-friendly platform that helps businesses measure customer satisfaction, gauge customer loyalty, and obtain valuable insights that can drive business decisions.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Real-time event detection: With Artifact's AI-powered real-time insights, Delighted users can receive alerts when critical events occur in their feedback data, allowing them to take immediate action and address any issues that arise.

  • Deep customer feedback analysis: By centralizing all conversational touchpoints with customers, Delighted users can analyze 100% of their customer interactions instead of only relying on the limited feedback provided by surveys. This comprehensive analysis can help businesses gain a deeper understanding of the voice of the customer and make data-driven decisions to improve their customer experience.

  • Automated topic detection: Delighted users can leverage Artifact's AI-generated CX insights to automatically detect actionable topics without any manual tagging or input. This can save time and resources while still providing accurate and relevant feedback.

  • Advanced data navigation: With Artifact's data navigation features, Delighted users can zoom into specific phrases or zoom out to broad themes to better understand customer feedback. Additionally, measuring the frequency and prevalence of a topic, rather than just relying on disposition code volume, can help businesses prioritize and address customer issues more effectively.

  • Aligned CX metrics: By linking every interaction to a specific customer, Delighted users can gain a better understanding of their customer's journey and align their CX metrics and initiatives with the voice of the customer. This can help businesses make data-driven decisions and improve their overall customer experience.

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