Helpshift is a customer service platform that provides in-app support and chatbots to help businesses resolve customer issues and inquiries through mobile and web-based applications.



is great

Helpshift is a customer service platform designed for mobile-first businesses that allows for seamless communication between customers and agents. Unlike traditional customer service solutions, Helpshift’s in-app messaging ensures that customers can get support on-the-go without having to leave the app. Additionally, Helpshift’s chatbots and AI-powered automation help reduce wait times and increase efficiency for customer service teams.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Understand the drivers behind high-volume conversations in Helpshift by analyzing customer interactions with Artifact's real-time insights.

  • Identify topics that occur frequently in Helpshift by channel to help direct self-service content creation and enable customers to solve their own issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Analyze the sentiment of customer interactions in Helpshift to identify patterns and address negative sentiment trends.

  • Use AI-generated insights to analyze Helpshift data instead of manual human tags and codes to gain a deeper understanding of the voice of the customer.

  • Align Helpshift metrics and initiatives with the voice of the customer by linking every interaction to a specific customer with Artifact.

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