PagerDuty is an incident management and response platform that helps businesses monitor and respond to critical IT events and incidents in real-time.



is great

PagerDuty is an incident response platform that enables teams to detect and respond to issues in real-time. Its comprehensive platform offers features like event intelligence, incident alerting, on-call management, and post-incident analysis, which helps teams to reduce downtime and improve their operational efficiency.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Get comprehensive insights: PagerDuty offers real-time incident alerts, but it does not provide in-depth insights into the underlying causes of incidents. By integrating with Artifact, you can gain a deeper understanding of the voice of your customers and analyze the root cause of incidents. Artifact’s AI will spot critical events in your data and understand what’s important and when it became important, right now.

  • Save time and effort: Managing incidents can be a complex and time-consuming process. By using Artifact's AI-generated CX insights, you can automate the tagging and categorization of customer interactions related to incidents, eliminating the need for manual human tags and codes. This will save your team's time and effort and allow them to focus on resolving incidents.

  • Improve incident response: PagerDuty is designed to alert your team to incidents, but it does not provide insights into the customer journey or link interactions to a specific customer. By linking every interaction to a specific customer and analyzing data with Artifact, you can gain a better understanding of the customer journey and align business metrics and initiatives with the voice of the customer. This will help you to improve your incident response and provide better customer service.

  • Analyze and optimize: With Artifact, you can analyze every customer interaction instead of just relying on disposition code volume, as in PagerDuty. You can also zoom into specific phrases, and zoom out to broad themes to understand exactly what’s happening. Additionally, Artifact can help you to align CX to business outcomes by providing insights that you can slice and dice by metrics and fields that align with your initiatives. This will help you to optimize your incident response and improve your operational efficiency.

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