Help Scout

Help Scout

Help Scout is a customer support and helpdesk platform that enables businesses to manage customer inquiries and tickets from multiple channels in a single inbox, providing personalized and efficient customer service.


Help Scout

is great

Help Scout is a customer service platform that puts customers at the heart of everything. It enables businesses to provide personalized, proactive support to their customers with its user-friendly interface and automation features. Help Scout streamlines workflows, allowing customer service teams to collaborate better and provide excellent support.

How Artifact can make

Help Scout

even better

  • Analyze the tone of the conversations in your Help Scout mailbox, detect any negative sentiment, and alert team members to take action promptly.

  • Use AI-generated CX insights from Artifact to automatically detect actionable topics in Help Scout without any human tagging or input, saving time and increasing efficiency.

  • With Artifact's centralization capabilities, you can bring in data from multiple channels to get a complete picture of your customer's journey, including email, social media, chat, and other platforms. You can then analyze 100% of your customer interactions in real-time to gain deeper insights into the voice of the customer.

  • Navigate your data by zooming into specific phrases and broad themes to understand what's happening, and measure the frequency and prevalence of a topic, aligning your insights with your business metrics and initiatives.

  • Use Artifact's customer journey mapping to link every interaction to a specific customer and understand their journey better, so you can provide personalized support that addresses their unique needs.

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