Wootric is a customer feedback and survey platform that helps businesses collect and analyze customer feedback, and take action to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.



is great

Wootric is a customer feedback management platform that is designed to help businesses capture, analyze, and take action on customer feedback in real-time. What sets Wootric apart is its ability to deliver a personalized feedback experience to customers through its unique microsurvey technology, allowing businesses to collect high-quality feedback that is both relevant and actionable. With Wootric, businesses can measure customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately, drive growth through an enhanced customer experience.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Use AI-generated insights to analyze feedback data and identify critical events as they happen in real-time, enabling you to take action quickly and effectively.

  • Blend Wootric's feedback data with the every other customer interaction that occurs across the customer journey.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the voice of the customer by zooming into specific phrases and themes to understand what's really driving customer feedback.

  • Navigate your data to understand what's important and why, measuring the frequency and prevalence of a topic to gain deeper insights into your customer experience.

  • Align your customer feedback metrics and initiatives with your business outcomes to ensure that your feedback program is contributing to your overall business growth.

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