Airtable is a no-code relational database tool that allows users to create custom workflows and applications without any programming knowledge.



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Airtable is a powerful database management tool that enables users to create custom workflows and databases to organize and manage their projects. Its intuitive user interface allows teams to easily collaborate on complex projects and seamlessly integrate with other tools. Airtable's flexible structure and versatile features make it a unique tool that can adapt to a wide range of use cases.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Capture and analyze customer feedback from various sources like email, social media, and chat and centralize it in Airtable for better tracking and management.

  • Use AI-generated insights from Artifact to enrich Airtable data with deeper customer sentiment analysis, without the need for manual human tags and codes.

  • Identify and track important events like bug reports, feature requests, and critical issues using Artifact's real-time insights, and visualize them in Airtable for better project management.

  • Navigate your Airtable data to understand trends, themes, and patterns using Artifact's zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities for enhanced analysis and decision-making.

  • Link customer interactions in Artifact to specific Airtable records to better understand customer journeys and align business metrics and initiatives with the voice of the customer.

By integrating Artifact's real-time insights and AI-generated CX insights with Airtable, teams can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and better manage complex projects, making Airtable an even more powerful tool for their workflow management needs.

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