is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that provides sales teams with tools for managing leads, contacts, and sales activities.


is great is a sales CRM that is designed to help sales teams close more deals with less manual work. It streamlines the sales process and provides powerful insights into the customer journey to help teams close more deals. is known for its intuitive design, flexibility, and automation capabilities.

How Artifact can make

even better

  • Gain deeper understanding of customer interactions: already provides robust reporting capabilities, but by using Artifact alongside it, you can centralize and analyze 100% of your customer interactions, not just the ones logged in Close. This can help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of your customers' needs, preferences, and pain points, and provide more personalized and effective communication.

  • Automatically detect actionable topics: Close provides tagging and filtering capabilities for leads and opportunities, but with Artifact's AI-generated CX insights, you can automatically detect actionable topics from your customer interactions without any human tagging or input. This can help you identify common pain points or objections that may be hindering the sales process, and enable you to proactively address them.

  • Navigate your data to understand what's important: Close provides customizable reporting dashboards, but Artifact's ability to zoom into specific phrases and themes can help you gain deeper insights into customer interactions. You can measure the frequency and prevalence of a topic, and identify trends or patterns that may not be immediately apparent in Close's reporting.

  • Align sales metrics with customer insights: Close provides robust sales metrics and analytics, but by linking every customer interaction to a specific lead or opportunity, you can gain a more complete picture of the customer journey and align sales metrics and initiatives with the voice of the customer. This can help you better understand the impact of your sales efforts on customer satisfaction and retention.

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