Marketo is a marketing automation platform that provides businesses with tools for lead management, email marketing, and customer engagement to drive revenue growth.



is great

Marketo is a powerful marketing automation platform that allows businesses to manage and nurture leads, automate marketing tasks, and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. With Marketo, businesses can create personalized experiences for their customers and prospects, track their engagement, and convert them into loyal customers.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Get deeper insights into customer engagement: While Marketo provides a wealth of information about customer engagement, it only captures engagement that occurs within the platform. With Artifact, businesses can centralize all of their customer interactions, regardless of the channel, and analyze 100% of their customer interactions to get a more comprehensive view of customer engagement. Artifact's AI can automatically detect critical events and actionable topics without any human tagging or input, providing businesses with a deeper understanding of their customers.

  • Identify the drivers of customer behavior: Marketo allows businesses to track customer behavior within the platform, but it doesn't provide insights into what drives that behavior. With Artifact, businesses can identify the topics and issues that are most important to their customers and prospects, and use that information to inform their marketing and customer experience strategies. Artifact's AI-generated CX insights can help businesses uncover the underlying drivers of customer behavior without the need for manual human tags and codes.

  • Align customer insights with business outcomes: Marketo provides businesses with a wealth of data about customer engagement, but it can be difficult to tie that data to specific business outcomes. With Artifact, businesses can link every interaction to a specific customer and understand their journey better. This allows businesses to slice and dice every insight by metrics and fields that align with their initiatives, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that support their business goals.

  • Uncover insights that go beyond surveys: While Marketo allows businesses to create surveys to gather customer feedback, it only captures insights from a limited subset of their customers. With Artifact, businesses can centralize every conversational touchpoint they have with their customers and analyze 100% of their customer interactions, providing a more comprehensive view of the voice of the customer. This enables businesses to uncover insights that go beyond what can be gathered through surveys alone.

  • Navigate your data to understand what is important and why: Marketo provides businesses with a wealth of data about customer engagement, but it can be difficult to know where to focus their attention. With Artifact, businesses can zoom into specific phrases and zoom out to broad themes to understand exactly what's happening. They can measure the frequency and prevalence of a topic, rather than just relying on disposition code volume, providing a clearer picture of what's important and why.

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