Qualaroo is a user feedback and survey platform that helps businesses collect and analyze insights from website visitors and customers to improve their products and services.



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Qualaroo is a user research and customer feedback platform that enables businesses to gather actionable insights and feedback from their customers. It's unique because it provides a platform for businesses to gather feedback from users in real-time, and also uses machine learning to help businesses uncover deeper insights.

How Artifact can make


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  • Unlock insights from unstructured feedback data: Qualaroo provides businesses with the ability to gather both structured and unstructured feedback data. However, unstructured feedback data can be difficult to analyze and make sense of. Artifact's AI-generated insights can help businesses analyze this unstructured feedback data and extract insights that would have otherwise been missed.

  • Identify key customer pain points: Qualaroo helps businesses identify customer pain points by asking them specific questions. However, not all customers might answer these questions or may not provide feedback that is specific enough to help businesses identify their pain points. By analyzing customer feedback from all channels (not just survey responses), Artifact can help businesses identify pain points that they may have missed otherwise.

  • Analyze the voice of the customer at scale: Qualaroo's feedback data can be analyzed at scale, but requires a considerable amount of manual effort. Artifact's AI-generated CX insights can analyze the feedback data at scale, provide a better understanding of the voice of the customer, and help businesses understand what customers care about the most.

  • Align feedback data with business outcomes: Qualaroo provides businesses with customer feedback, but it can be difficult to align this feedback with business outcomes. Artifact links every interaction to a specific customer and can help businesses understand how feedback relates to business metrics and initiatives, making it easier to identify areas for improvement that align with business objectives.

  • Improve coaching and training: Qualaroo can help businesses understand how well their team is performing by measuring customer satisfaction. However, it can be challenging to identify specific areas where team members need coaching and training. By analyzing topical trends and performance, Artifact can provide businesses with the insight they need to identify areas where their team needs more training and support.

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