SurveySparrow is an online survey and feedback platform that provides businesses with tools for creating and sending customized surveys and quizzes, and collecting and analyzing responses.



is great

SurveySparrow's conversational surveys provide a unique experience for both the survey creator and the respondent. Unlike traditional surveys that are typically lengthy and dull, SurveySparrow uses chat-like interactions and allows the survey creator to customize the survey to the brand's aesthetics. The conversational nature of the surveys also results in higher response rates, more accurate data, and improved engagement.

How Artifact can make


even better

  • Identify the most significant pain points for your audience through conversational surveys with SurveySparrow, then use Artifact to automatically categorize open-ended responses, uncovering the key drivers behind customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

  • Collect and centralize survey data from SurveySparrow in Artifact, enabling teams to analyze 100% of survey responses, not just a sample, and detect actionable trends and topics from customer feedback.

  • Leverage Artifact’s AI-generated insights to uncover insights that might be hidden from your team or difficult to detect. For example, detect underlying themes and uncover insights that are not readily apparent in the survey responses.

  • Use Artifact's powerful analytics capabilities to measure and track customer experience over time, both within and outside of SurveySparrow's platform. Identify changes in sentiment, track key metrics, and measure how your team is improving customer satisfaction.

  • Use Artifact's integration with Salesforce and other CRM systems to connect SurveySparrow data with other customer data, enabling your team to gain a more holistic view of your customers and their experience.

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